The Brothers Leagues Club’s Sports Bar is a state-of-the-art, modern, sophisticated but relaxed entertainment venue. This modern facility offers members a large range of beverages and live entertainment that rivals any club within South East Queensland.

There are twenty-two beer taps providing members and guests with a selection of 12 different beers to choose from and served at an ice cold temperature. These include both imported and local beers.Yessss!

Members and guests are able to dance to music in designated areas and when stepping outside this zone will be able to converse with others without having to yell – which is somewhat of a revelation!

Award winning TAB and Keno facilities are available for the keen punter.

Come and enjoy the sportsperson’s paradise.

Beer of the Month


Iron Jack Mid-Strength Lager 

Premix of the Month


Bundy Rum & Cola Stubbies