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Introducing the Brothers Advantage

Posted by: , Posted: 5 September, 2015

On October 1 we will launch the Brothers Advantage Program, a game-changing loyalty rewards program exclusively available to members of Brothers Leagues Club Ipswich.
We believe members of Brothers deserve the best program in the region, so we have made some changes to give our loyal members easier access, faster rewards and bigger discounts.

It will work in a way that most of you will find instantly familiar. So, what has actually changed?


Firstly, each tier is now more accessible. There are six different tiers in the Brothers Advantage Program and the entry level to each has been substantially lowered, making greater loyalty rewards more accessible to all our members. In the old program you had to earn an average of 7,500 points each month before you saw any benefit greater than a new member would receive on their first day. That just didn’t seem fair to our regulars. So in the Advantage program, increased benefits start when you average only 1,250 points a month. That’s six times lower!

And you will earn these points much quicker now that food and beverage sales will contribute to your loyalty rating as well. You have always earned points through food and beverage purchases that you could spend in the club. But until now, the ratings points that determine your reward level were only based on gaming. In the new program, every dollar you spend on something to eat or drink will earn Advantage Points which ultimately lead to increased benefits.

Your Advantage level will be more stable. The old program used to count rating points awarded in the current month, plus the previous month. As a result, many of our members jumped between levels on a monthly basis as their points balance fluctuated wildly. The new Brothers Advantage Program counts Advantage Points in the current month plus the previous three months. This change gives you more time to earn the points you need and will result in a more consistent point balance.

You can go up a tier as soon as your Advantage Points balance reaches the required entry level. This could happen at any time during the month and your rewards will increase straight away. However, you can only ever possibly go down a tier once a month, as points that are more than three months old drop off on the first of each month. You can keep an eye on your points balance at the Rewards Kiosks near reception.

Not only are the tiers easier to reach and maintain in the Advantage Program, the rewards for loyal members will be greater too! Loyalty Reward Points (the ones you can spend) will be earned at a much faster rate (up to 150% faster than the highest tier in the old program) and discounts on drinks and meals will be higher as well (up to twice as high). New members will still benefit from discounts and points awarded the first time they use their card, but regular visitors will find the rewards are even greater! That’s how it should be.

Longer term members will also appreciate that we are scrapping the annual point purge. Your old points used to expire at the end of September. Under the new program, you have at least twelve months to use your Loyalty Reward Points from the time they are earned. If you are using them throughout the year, there is no need for you to ever lose them.

It should also be mentioned that all the points you have earned as part of the existing program will be transferred to the new one when it commences on 1 October. So if you have been using your card all this time, you may find you go straight to one of the higher tiers on day one.

We have spent a lot of time looking at the programs that are available at other clubs both here and interstate. Many look good on the surface, but scratch a little deeper and the limitations become obvious. Some of them even appear to have been designed to trick you. We have intentionally made the Brothers Advantage Program simple to understand and more transparent for our members. We are confident it will be the best loyalty program, not just in Ipswich, but much further afield as well.

Discover the Brothers Advantage for yourself.