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Summer Series 2015/16

Posted by: , Posted: 28 November, 2015


From the beginning of December until the end of February, we’re shaking up our weekly promotion calendar to try a few things and see what the response is. It’s all part of our commitment to giving our members more chances to win more prizes more often.

Off-Peak Power Points come into effect from 10am until 12pm every day of the week. If you’re playing the gaming machines at that time, you will earn Loyalty Reward Points at triple your normal Advantage level rate. So for example, if you are at Brothers Advantage level, you will earn points at three times the base rate. At Emerald Advantage it’s six times the base rate and so on all the way to Leprechaun Advantage where you’ll be earning points at fifteen times the base rate! That means that our entry-level Brothers Advantage members will be earning points at almost the same rate as the highest tier was under the old system. Those on the highest tier now will be earning them five times faster than that every day of the week.

Another new promotion that is sure will be popular is our Weekday Waffel. We recently held focus groups that told us you guys wanted to see more raffles in the club. So from Monday to Friday we’ll hold a raffle with ten prizes drawn at 2.30pm. The prizes will include a mix of meat trays, fruit and vege trays, beer, wine and some sweet treats. The model will be very similar to our Monster Raffle where the first person drawn gets their pick of the prizes. Tickets will be available to buy, but we’ll also give away ticket vouchers when you spend $10 or more at the Brasserie for lunch or if you win $200 or more on the pokies.

There’s a couple of fun new promotional games to look out for during the evenings too. On Mondays and Tuesdays we’re introducing Oh Flip! which is basically a very simple one-on-one card based game played against our attendant. If you flip the high card you win $100 and there will be five draws each night.

The biggest weekly raffle in town will continue on Wednesday nights and our Members Draw on Friday nights stays too. Except now we’re expanding it. Throughout summer, the Members Draw will be on both Thursday and Friday nights which means you have twice as many chances to win and the Jackpot will go up twice as fast. We’re also adding another Consolation Draw, so now there will be two guaranteed prizes of $500 if the Jackpot isn’t won, with one at the usual 10:30pm and another one at 11pm. The other change we’re making to the Members Draw is it will now be possible for the Jackpot to go off twice (or even three times) on the same night. Previously, if the Jackpot went off, that was it, we reset for the following week. Now we reset immediately and there will be three chances to win even if someone has already claimed it on the same night.

The final addition to our Summer Series promotional calendar is a bit like the old Battleship game. In Bombardier, you get to drop five bombs. You win cash for a hit and you take the jackpot if you destroy a target. It’s on every Sunday night.

On top of all the new weekly promotions, keep an eye out for some major draws coming up over summer. Our Happy Holidays promotion gets underway on the first of December. Hot on its heels will be the NYE Cash Out and then we get straight into the Ultimate Armchair Athlete Package which will be drawn in February.

It looks like being another great summer of prizes and giveaways here at Brothers Ipswich.