Our Brothers Advantage Loyalty Program has been designed to reward our loyal members. As a new member of Brothers Ipswich, your benefits start straight away with immediate discounts at double the rate you will find anywhere else. And you can save big on a much wider range of products. Become a regular member and it just keeps getting better!

Advantage Points

When you join as a member, the advantages start straight away. But there are five more tiers in the Brothers Advantage Program and each one leads to faster rewards and bigger discounts.


When you use your membership card playing gaming machines or buying food or drinks in the club, you will earn Advantage Points. The number of Advantage Points you earn determines which loyalty tier you are assigned.


Your Advantage Points balance consists of points earned in the current month, plus the previous six months. So you always have at least six full months’ worth of points contributing to your Advantage Points balance. You will remain in a tier as long as your balance remains above the required amount to qualify. You can check your Advantage Points balance at any time at one of the Rewards Kiosks or at other locations where you use your membership card.

Whenever you are using your membership card in the club you are also earning Loyalty Reward Points. We even give you some just for visiting. You can use these points to buy goods and services or exchange them for cash by purchasing a voucher at the Rewards Kiosk and taking it to the cashier. You will start earning Loyalty Reward Points on your first visit, but the higher your tier, the faster they will be awarded.


One hundred Loyalty Reward Points is worth $1 for you to spend within the club. Loyalty Reward Points expire after 12 months if they are not used. Your oldest points are always deducted from your balance first. This means if you use your Loyalty Reward Points throughout the year, you need never lose any. You can check your balance at any time at one of the Rewards Kiosks or at other locations where you use your membership card.

Using your membership card when purchasing food or drinks within the club unlocks exclusive discount prices that get better the higher your tier. On day one you are already saving 10% on everything from a cup of coffee to a three-course meal. And it just gets better from there. Our regular members save more – much more!


In addition to Loyalty Reward Points and discounts, our members who reach the higher tiers will periodically receive exclusive offers and invitations to events.

If you need to know more, please ask our friendly staff how the program works and how it will benefit you. You can also pick up a booklet with the full terms and conditions of the Brothers Advantage Program at the club.

All information is correct at time of publication. Specific details are subject to change without notice. Participation in the Brothers Advantage Program is voluntary and subject to the full terms and conditions published separately.