1. Members must produce their membership card to gain admission to the club

2. Any Member found lending his or her card to another person may result in a review of membership

3. Members introducing a visitor must enter their guest’s name in the Registration Book and be responsible for their conduct whilst on the club premises. The Board of Directors or any delegated authority reserves the right to refuse admission of any visitor. Any person shall remain on the premises only as long as the introducing member

4. Any person who has been rejected as a candidate for membership, or has been expelled from the Club, or whose name has been erased from the membership register for non-payment of dues or any other reason shall not be permitted as a visitor

5. Members shall not take away from the Club premises any articles or property of the Club without the permission of the General Manager or responsible officer

6. No subscription list is to be canvassed, conducted or exhibited in the Club without the permission of the General Manager or the Board of Directors

7. Members are not allowed to bring animals (other than Guide Dogs) into the Club.

8. No part of the Club premises shall be used for the purpose of organised betting or gambling or the playing of any games which are considered by the Board of Directors to be injurious to the interests of the Club

9. No debts of any illegal nature shall be incurred within the Club

10. Members of the Club shall not be less than eighteen years of age

11. No intoxicated person shall be allowed on the Club premises

12. Any Member being intoxicated on the Club premises shall be asked to leave

13. The Club adheres to the Clubs Queensland Code of Practice for responsible gaming and will ensure all efforts are made to help problem gamblers

14. A responsible officer of the Club is a Director, General Manager or delegated person

15. No members shall reprimand any servant of the Club. All complaints against any servant shall be in writing to the Board of Directors or General Manager

16. No member shall distribute ‘how to vote’ tickets within the Club

17. Members and Bona Fide visitors are requested to be of neat, modest and tidy appearance at all times. Hats or singlets shall not be worn in the Club. At any time within the Club, the Management may alter dress codes for specialised events and all final decisions on acceptability will rest with the manager on duty.

18. Children will be permitted in designated areas only, accompanied by parents or another responsible adult. Children (12 and under) must leave the premises by 10pm. Minors under the age of 18 must be off premises by 11.45pm. Minors may attend private functions in the Function Room of the Club remaining past 10pm

19. The Kids Room is open to all members children who are over 3 years of age, toilet trained & 17 years of age and under

20. Members involved in any altercation, abusive language or any other misdemeanor will be asked to leave the Club and be referred to the Judiciary Committee for their determination of relevant suspension & sentencing

21. The Directors reserve the right from time to time to amend or add to these bi-laws

22. The members shall be classified by the Board. A nominal fee set by the Board of Directors shall accompany this memberships

23. Any matter connected with the Management of the Club not provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the Board of Directors whose decision shall be final and binding